About me

You’re only here because you work for the NSA.

Well, I’ve done stuff. Nowadays I’m mostly directing documentary films but in the past, I have been

  • Producing documentaries
  • Writing and sort of performing for radio
  • Doing comic books
  • Programming and designing Web sites
  • Successfully not catching diseases in epidemics
  • Storyboarding kungfu films — for some unclear reason
  • Organizing cartoon exhibitions in Hong Kong and Macau and getting banned — or just in trouble on the good days
  • Doing political cartoons in Hong Kong and getting fired by the magazines I worked for
  • Producing an academic review on contemporary China
  • Designing things for French punk-rock bands
  • Sleeping in a church with Emmanuelle Béart
  • Programming video games and writing for computer magazines
  • And producing fanzines

Apart from that, I’m a very focused person.

I live in Paris, I’m French, but I’m also a permanent resident of Hong Kong. For that reason — among others, my main hobby is to annoy the fascist Chinese government. If you think it’s cool to work with a dictatorship, don’t even bother contacting me. That includes producers of documentaries. Thank you.

Otherwise it’s guillaume@podrovnik.com.