My Films

Lucky Luke – The Manufacture of The European Western (2016)

Writer and Director
TV 52′ (pop culture)
Label Image, Arte France


Sex, dog and rock’n roll (2015)

Writer and Director
Mini-documentary in two parts, 4′ et 6′ (pop culture)
Flach Film Production, Arte France

Pif –behind the gimmicks (2014)

Writer and Director, animations
TV 52′ (pop culture)
Flach Film Production, Arte France


Butterfly Holocaust (2012)

Co-director and animations
Supershort animation film (fiction)
Subreal Productions

Butterfly Holocaust

Anne Frank in mangaland (2012)

Producer, co-writer
Interactive documentary comic book (current affairs and culture)
Subreal Productions, Arte France

Anne Frank

General Ishiwara, the man who triggered the war (2012)

Producer, co-writer
TV 90′ (history)
Subreal Productions, Arturo Mio, Arte France


Argentina, the most beautiful country in the world… (2010)

Web-documentary (current affairs and culture)
Subreal Productions, Arte G.E.I.E.


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